Oxygen Unit Grant (Operators & Clubs)

Good first aid oxygen administration is a very important step in the management of a diving accident, especially if involving decompression illness. To increase the availability of suitable oxygen first aid equipment at dive sites, the ADSF is offering a Diver Oxygen Unit Subsidy as a Safety Promotion to encourage dive clubs and dive operators to purchase an appropriate Oxygen Unit and have it available when their members or customers are diving. The subsidy offered is $550 towards the purchase price of an agreed unit and applies to one unit per club/operator.

An oxygen unit that is suitable for most dive operations includes:

• Multi-function regulator with constant flowrate selection of 0 – 15 lpm or higher, PLUS at least one high-flow

outlet for a demand valve

• Oxygen demand valve and oronasal mask

• Non-rebreather mask (disposable)

• Resuscitation mask

• Sturdy waterproof case

• Oxygen cylinder (with sufficient capacity to enable diver to breathe high concentration oxygen until medical aid


Suitable oxygen units (without cylinders) can currently be obtained from:

Divers Alert Network (DAN)

DAN offers a variety of units, some of which are not configured for Australia. However, a suitable unit is the DAN Rescue Pack w/o cylinder metric 1300 case (Product code 602-4500). It is shipped by air from the USA:

Click here for details.

Rescuer Medical Appliances

This company, based in Victoria, distributes a suitable unit, the Rescuer Scuba Diver Oxygen First Aid Unit:
Click here for details.

Cylinders are usually rented through various oxygen gas suppliers (e.g., Air Liquide, BOC etc).

This offer is only available within Australia. Grants are awarded to applicant at the sole discretion of the ADSF. You will be notified if your application was successful. Successful applicants will then need to produce evidence of purchase prior to the grant being paid.

This offer is available until 31 October 2022

Download and Application Form:

- for Dive Operators

- For Dive Clubs

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